Escuela Tecnológica

This project carried out by the Escuela Tecnológica, consists of the construction and programming of a self-sufficient water recycling system that will be used for growing plants and caring for fish.

The device consists of a two-story high platform, in which a plant greenhouse is located on the upper floor and a fish tank with fish on the lower floor. When it is working the dirty water from the fish rises up to the plants, they absorb these nutrients in a natural way helping them to grow and, once the water is cleaned, it returns to the fish again, completing a circular system of use.

This system is programmed with Micro: bit boards with several sensors that report the values ​​of different parameters and has motors that perform different actions.

With this system that they have developed, they have managed to connect both systems that feed off each other, thus managing to autonomously maintain a plant culture and a fish aquarium.

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