Resumen del proyecto

LCD is the robotics club of AE Venda do Pinheiro, an open club where students can freely develop their technological and creative skills.


¿Quién ha realizado el proyecto?

The projects were carried out by several students from the club, with ages ranging from 10 to 14 years old.


¿En qué consiste el proyecto?

This project is about developing technical skills, but also in creative ways. Students focused on different projects: creating an app to verifiy healthy food choices at school; building from scratch and coding an intermediate robot; developing a robotic performance with dance and music, as part of an Erasmus+ projetct.


¿Cuál es la finalidad de este proyecto?

This is an educational project, based on developing creative and technical skills through coding, robotics and 3D. We try to go beyond just the technical and utilitarian aspects, experimenting with forms of artistic integration. Children are free to choose their own learning paths; some are learning to code games, others prefer 3D, others, robotics.


¿Cómo funciona el proyecto? (Tecnologías utilizadas, experiencia de usuario, etc.)

We would like to show three projects:

Healthy Food App: developed as part ot the Apps for Good programme, this app, coded in App Inventor, is being conceived to help users track their daily calorie intakes, related to school meals.

Daredevil Robot: building from scratch a robot, assembling parts, soldering, solving problems, and coding it using Arduino.

Performance Robots: synchronizing the code for several robots, in order for them to perform a choreography to a given music. This project uses two Anprino robots, and one Bot 'n' Roll. Was originally coded to the EU hymn, for a perfomance at Mercandante Theatre in Altamura, Italy, as part of an Erasmus meet and showcase.


¿Qué aporta este proyecto a la Comunidad Maker?

We bring the will and creativity of young students, showing how maker educational approaches can actively contribute for deeper forms of learning.


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