Makers4 VermisLAB

Project summary

This project presents an entertaining RPG-style game to teach the youngest how to identify reliable information on the Internet.


Who has carried out the project?

Group of Vermislab Makers 4 students.


What is the project about?

In this project we bring a different proposal designed to make people aware of the problem of disinformation on the network.

We present a game with curious combat mechanics, in which you have to save the world from an organization that is leaking false information and destroying society from within. With the most charismatic characters that will help you throughout your adventure to overcome difficulties and raise awareness about Fake News.


What is the purpose of this project?

Make players aware of the problem of disinformation and teach them how to detect Fake News.


How does the project work? (Technologies used, user experience, etc.)

A turn based RPG style video game where you have to identify true and false news to defeat the enemy frogs. Technologies such as: Scratch, Pictoblox, Drive, Google Documents...


What does this project contribute to the Maker Community?

Foster a critical spirit against the problem of disinformation and freedom to share it because it is developed with open technologies.

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