Muutech Monitoring Solutions S.L.

Muutech was created with the purpose of helping industrial companies to reduce the downtime of production lines and machinery, by predicting and reducing the response time to errors and the complete centralized monitoring of all elements of the service.

Muutech helps improve the competitiveness of the plant´s production and make decisions in real time without wasting time generating reports. Data is key for digitization, quality and problem detection in your plant, but currently you have to spend hours working on them in Excel. Also you are not sure how accurate the data is since most of it has been collected by hand, approximations based on intuition and collected the day before.

For this we have developed Minerva, our industrial monitoring platform. Minerva allows the collection, analysis, notifications and visualization of data in real time from all types of sources (machines, automatons, sensors, ERP, MES, IT equipment, etc.). The platform allows secure access to data through personalized dashboards for each user: operators, managers, management, etc. and from any device: mobile, tablet, PC or screens in the plant.

These functionalities allow you or the users who use it, to make decisions in real time based on data, without wasting time, helping the company with good practices so that the learning curve is zero, and impacting significantly (and positively) on results.

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