What is the project about?

PictoCal is a web application designed and developed so that families, educators and therapists can create calendars that are attractive to children and people with cognitive diversity. The calendars use photos, pictograms or simple descriptions, so that users can easily identify the task to be carried out.

It is a platform with high demand from entities that work with people with cognitive diversity, since this task is currently carried out manually, with paper cards.

cutting and pasting photos or pictograms.


What is the purpose of this project?

The main purpose is to facilitate the task of preparing calendars adapted to people with cognitive diversity and children.


How does the project work? 

It is an open web page, prior registration.


What does this project contribute to the Maker Community?

Currently there is no similar platform.

Through the Maker Community we want to make PictoCal known so that families and associations can use it freely and free of charge.


Who has carried out the project?

Francisco Laport López, Paula M. Castro Castro, Adriana Dapena Janeiro.


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