Noé Vila

PictoTempo is a project that aims to help children with some type of autism spectrum disorder ASD) and, in general, users with functional and cognitive diversity, in the organization and performance of their daily routines and tasks. 

This type of user usually presents difficulties in the naturalness and quality of social and communication development, which limit their ability to cope with unplanned changes in their daily routine. Therefore, this project contributes to improving their autonomy and makes it easier for their educators to carry out programming adapted to their needs and continuous monitoring of these routines and tasks. Another benefit of the project is the possibility of attending also virtually to these vulnerable groups, contributing in any case to improve their learning and daily life, always respecting and adapting to the characteristics of the users and their families requirements.

The application of this project in the short term could be used, in the first place by organizations locally geared towards providing different services to these particular groups. It can also be used for different therapies and work sessions that can be carry out periodically with these type of user. Similarly, it could be used in an academic environment by the support staff developing learning activities that cater for students’ specific needs within an educational center. Finally, this project can be very useful especially for professionals to communicate with families with children that have these disorders the work methods using pictograms within the family´s home environment.

Team members: Noé Vila Muñoz, Paula M. Castro and Óscar Fresnedo (UDC, CITIC).


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