Colegio de Fomento Aldovea

Space travel seems closer and closer. The technological advances and the discoveries that are being made on other planets, makes us feel like conquering space and not only return to tread  the lunar surface.

Within this process, it seems really important to think about the health of the astronauts. Long periods of time living in a weightless environment can damage the body, causing muscle atrophy. For this reason, the students of the Aldovea Development School in Madrid have developed the Pathfinder project in order to solve this problem: a simple system to continuously train astronauts and not just  every so often. 

When Disconnected, the kit provides the friction needed for  astronauts to exercise their muscles in a weightless environment. When connected, it exercises muscles autonomously. Thus, they would not only exercise at specific times of the week, but it would be continuous.

The 3D design in PLA makes this kit a lightweight component. And since there is no gravity, the engines don't have to be heavy and big. All this while taking into account that the kit needs to take up the least amount of space possible in addition to being light as possible during take off and navigation.


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