IES Plurilingüe Rosalía de Castro

This project, carried out by Arturo Martín from IES Plurilingüe Rosalía de Castro, consists, as the name suggests, in a robot to tend to the garden. The device is controlled via bluetooth using a video game controller.

Gardening Robot consists of a camera that connects via LAN to see where you are, so it can be used remotely. It is configured for easy handling, with one button you can pour water and control it with the others. In addition, thanks to its ultrasound sensors, you can see the distance you have left, so as not to crash.

It is made from recyclable materials, using a remote control car, an ice cream top to use as a base to hold the bottle in which a water pump is placed with a tube for the water to come out. All this connected and controlled by an arduino board.

Arturo suggests that it could be expanded in the future to be automated or to do more tasks, such as mowing the lawn or adding fertilizer.


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