Colegio Salesiano Santo Ángel

TheFabLab students from the Salesianos Santo Ángel Avilés School, Asturias observed that during recesses, this year and due to the current situation, kindergarten and primary students cannot interact with each other. There are no balls, there are no chasing and catching games, and the only time they have fun is with the music, because they can sing and dance at the same time all together, even if they have to keep their distance.

That is why they have designed a kind of jukebox so that their younger companions can take it to recess and enjoy a more fun recess in this Covid period.

To carry out this device, they have designed and cut the Jukebox plans with a laser cutter and have manufactured decorative pieces using 3D printing. Later, with a

Arduino Nano programmed the LEDs, and with the Bare Conductive board they managed to make a song sound when one of the buttons is pressed so that their classmates can enjoy recess, singing and dancing all together.

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