CIFP As Mercedes

The main objective of this project carried out at CIFP As Mercedes was the creation of a flight instrument panel equipped with basic instruments and their systems for measuring essential flight variables in air navigation. This project is of an educational in nature and serves as a demonstration of the operation of a real airplane´s flight instruments. The materials and tools used in this project are common in the aeronautical industry.

The instrument panel consists of a minimum of six analog instruments and a digital display. In this screen you can read the measurements of the same analog instruments, but using digital technology. With this panel it will be possible, therefore, to contrast the reliability of the analogue readings with the digital instruments. The panel will allow the study of essential systems in any aircraft, flight systems that include the pitot-static system and the vacuum system. It will also provide the ability to  carry out tests, failure studies and in-depth knowledge of its operation, in addition to the comparison between old and modern flight systems.

The project generates an evident innovation by allowing the implementation between analog and digital resources, including new concepts and contents due to the digital programming of the instruments, enhances the development of resources and is easily transferable.

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