Peral Project

What is the project about?

It consists of two devices (a base and a smartwatch) that are capable of cooperating with each other to make better use of the collected sensory information. Thanks to this system, we can detect emergencies in real time, such as falls or heart abnormalities, and also make medium- and long-term estimates of possible pathologies that progress in the user and go unnoticed by the naked eye.

In addition, the user can make emergency calls both directly and indirectly (indirectly means that he is in an unconscious or motionless state and needs the device to make the call for him automatically) from the smartwatch.

On the other hand, the base, located in the user's home, is responsible for providing company and entertainment through games and conversations (it is capable of generating unlimited stories, topics of conversation...). The person who interacts with the base can do so through gestures or voice for greater versatility and simplicity. Finally, with these tools, we are also able to enable users to use other current technologies such as smartphones or smart televisions in a simpler and more intuitive way.


What is the purpose of this project?

We intend to offer real help to the elderly, although it is also optimal for an audience of any other age.

We want people to be more independent and also improve their health and connectivity.


How does the project work?

To achieve the above, we use artificial intelligence, blockchain, low-frequency communications, a smartwatch, and a self-made application that uses the IoT to easily teach the information collected by the devices to the user.

In addition, we use natural language processing so that the device can communicate with the user and computer vision to recognize gestures. In the latter case, we use a normal camera, although we have a model with an RGBD camera.

Who has carried out the project?

Behind this product is Peral Project, a company project that uses new technologies in the health and food sector.

CEO: Ergin Kamberov Pose

CTO: Cesar Abilleira Carballal

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