IES Plurilingüe Rosalía de Castro

A group of students from the Rosalía de Castro Plurilingual IES present this project that aims to be a solution for both recycling electronic waste and combating energy poverty in the Third World: a solar cooker.

As the name already indicates the project´s basis if the  recycling of the chassis of an old cathode tube television (Television + Oven = "TelevisiOven"), it is also insulated with waste materials and has a car sunshade to reflect the light.

"Televisioven" is a fast and efficient solar cooker (capable of five times the outdoor temperature in a very short period of time), light (despite its size), resistant and durable, easy to maintain and use, and does not require any other energy across from solar and very cheap and easy to make (no expensive / hard to get materials).

In its operation, the "TelevisiOven" combines the principles of concentration and accumulation of sunlight for a higher quality and cooking speed. Concentration, since its panels direct sunlight into the oven, and accumulation, it is closed off by glass  which permits solar radiation in and prevents the escape of heat.

Its most obvious success: achieving a temperature of 170º C, the "TelevisiOven" can fry an egg on a sunny day, without the need for electricity or fossil fuels.

Team members: Guillermo Castellón, Rocco Esteban Sánchez-Puga and Alan García


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