Agrupamento de Escolas Venda do Pinheiro

How can we stimulate digital creativity in distance education, with isolated and homebound students? That has been the challenge this year of ICT in 3D of the Group of Schools Venda do Pinheiro of Portugal.

To do this, one of the projects carried out to encourage the students was Tech Takeaway, which consists of the loan of robots and Micro: bit plates to take home and thus be able to continue programming and developing technological projects.

Another initiative was the E @ D 3D project in which about 200 ten-year-old students were challenged to learn to model in 3D using their mobile phones with the incentive that when they returned to school they would receive their 3D figure. In this activity, artistic expression, 3D modeling, additive manufacturing, ICT and digital fluency were crossed with distance learning.



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