CeLeo + Autofabricantes

Henar is a woman with a great taste for music and who suffers from acetotic encephalopathy, which makes it difficult to use conventional instruments. But this has not prevented him from obtaining a musical training and playing in an orchestra. It is for her that this project was initiated by the Celeo Center in Cuenca, whose technological development is being carried out by Autofabricantes.

It is a MIDI percussion instrument for playing at home and live, designed with open source software and hardware, using accessible manufacturing technologies to make it affordable, replicable and easy to assemble. This is a “multi-instrument” similar to a sampler that outputs melodic or percussive sounds. You have an Arduino place, sensors and a RaspberrPi mini-computer with configurable sounds.

We will show the last 2 versions (Henar#3 and Henar#4) of the instrument in order to interact with the attendees as well as receive the "feedback" that they can give us, showing their use and we will resolve any questions that may arise.

We will also be open to possible future synergies and collaborations that may arise.




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