Colexio Las Acacias-Montecastelo

Project summary

VibroMesh helps people with hearing limitations to perform rhythmic gymnastics by making it possible for them to perceive music.


Who has carried out the project?

Beatriz Estevez Lopez and Carlota Hernandez Perez.


What is the project about?

VibroMesh will help all those people with hearing limitations who want to do sports in which they have to interpret and express music. Initially we have designed it to be used with the sport that we are most passionate about: Rhythmic gymnastics. Currently no person with HEARING limitations can practice this sport. In order to solve this problem we have devised VibroMesh so that you can practice it either at an amateur or competition level.

A fundamental part in rhythmic gymnastics is to express the music. Thanks to it, gymnasts express an inner world full of virtuosity that reaches the viewer through the expressiveness and grace with which the exercises are performed.


What is the purpose of this project?

In Spain there are about a million deaf people, of which 15% correspond to boys and girls up to 18 years of age. Worldwide it affects 360 million people. These young people find a limiting environment in their daily lives that often makes it difficult for them or prevents them from developing their abilities. Likewise, in recent years we have met boys and girls with hearing limitations who are passionate about rhythmic gymnastics like us. However, since the common thread of this activity is music and they cannot perceive it, they cannot perform it. We have chosen to address this problem as our purpose is to contribute, even if only a little, to an improvement in society, showing that we all have the same value and that we can live with our differences.


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