This project, developed by the VermisLAB MakersPro group, consists of the design and construction of a model of a room that has various tasks such as making the bed, opening and closing the blinds, regulating the temperature and setting an alarm.

The model was made with foam board and the furniture and interior decoration were designed and printed in 3D. It also consists of several automated moving elements thanks to an Arduino UNO with several sensors and actuators.

To be able to carry out all the tasks correctly, the room is equipped with temperature sensors, a capacitive sensor inside the bed, motors for the blinds and the bed, LEDs, a buzzer and, in addition to all this, it has a screen to keep you informed and a button so you can select the available options.

Team members: Álvaro Vázquez, Manuel López, Icía Carreiras and Nicolás Teo Paz.



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