Manuel Lucio Dallo

Yayagram was created to help the older generation to communicate with each other their grandchildren. It is a device that provides them with a voice and an opportunity for people who do not know how to use messaging apps on mobile devices to communicate.

Yayagram is capable on the one hand, of sending voice messages through Telegram via a push of a button. To do this you need to first pick the grandchild you want to send the message to or you can send it to all of them! This is done via an old fashioned analog jack. To record a message it is similar to Telegram, however you need to keep the red button pressed, speak and then let go for the message to be sent. On the other hand, Yayagram is able to receive messages from Telegram and print them onto thermal paper. Also there are LEDS that indicate when Yayagram is on, that is connected correctly to Telegram and to know when a message is being recorded.

This has done using Raspberry Pi4 and programmed in Python. At the same time, using several libraries to send and receive Telegram and print on paper.

It is a project that adapts technology to people's needs and  not the other way around. 


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