Come to discover the largest community of technological innovation in the world!

June 2-6/2021 - 100% online - 100% free

June 2-6/2021

100% online - 100% free

We have selected the most disruptive projects and the most inspiring talks in the fields of science, technology  and social. Thanks to the event being held in our 3D Virtual Space you don´t even need to leave your own home

If you are part of a company or start up focused on innovation or would like your company to discover what the Maker World is all about, we recommend you visit on our industry days.

Industry - June 2 and 3

  • Discover the 10 finalist projects in our official competition and talk live with the teams that produced them.
  • Meet international leaders in the fields of digitization, biotechnology, energy and videogames.
  • Generate synergies with other Change Makers that can help you transform your sector.
  • Learn different technologies by participating in our workshops on offer.

If you are in education and interested in discovering innovate learning techniques, projects and tools you can use in your classroom then educational day is perfect for you.

Education - June 4

  • Find the most innovative project from worldwide educational centers
  • Learn how to apply International references from the areas of gamification, educational communities or technologies to education
  • Meet other professionals in the education sector with whom to collaborate on projects.
  • Participate in our workshops and learn different tools for direct application in the classroom.

If you like to invent things, solve problems or consider that being a geek is a great value, you cannot miss the open days.

Open - June 5 and 6

  • Talk live with Makers from all over the world and get to know their projects in detail.
  • Learn about the incredible stories behind our Makers´ projects.
  • Generate synergies with other Makers with whom you can collaborate in the future.
  • If you are between 6 and 100 years old, sign up for our workshops and learn by doing.

6 editions

+ 60,000 attendees

+ 1000 makers

The future is now!

June / 2-6 / 2021

* Virtual reality glasses will not be necessary to enjoy the event

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