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Sure you have had a great idea, but when thinking about how to transfer it to the real world, a lot of legal questions have arisen. Do not worry! It is true that there are a lot of steps and rules that you must know, but we explain them little by little so that you do not infarct.

We will talk about the difference between the Treasury and Social Security, about how to set up a company for 100 euros in (almost) 24 hours, about tricks that help you with those first clients, about the red lines that arise when you start a business, and we will even help you create your own contracts. The Civil code will be your new best friend :)

The workshop will be given by Bárbara Román, CEO of NoLegalTech and Andrea Brandariz, graduated in Law from the University of Coruña. At NoLegalTech they carry out legal consulting specialized in technology.



  • Duration: 1:30 H
  • Edad: From 15 years
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