04/06/2021   17:30 - 19:30

Connect live

It is a totally open event in which the attendees are the protagonists themselves. We will start from a central theme that will be educational innovation and from there each of you will be able to propose a theme that interests you to discuss during the event. 

In the event, a total of 4 topics will be debated, that is, there will be 4 talks divided into two blocks of time, so there will be simultaneous talks so we will leave time for you to decide which talks you want to participate in and give you time to access them without problems. The themes that the participants have decided are:

-Culture Maker applied to Inclusivity

-Innovating in the classroom when there are no resources

-How to evolve the didactic proposal and adapt it to the latest technologies, to the different profiles of students, etc.

-Experience of international exchange and learning by projects

At the end of the talks, we will have time to return to the main room, get to know each other more and network with all those attending the event.

Remember that you can only participate if you propose a theme here

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