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What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a meeting of collaborative development of software and hardware in which the 
members look for solutions to different ideas or needs raised. It is a competition where work 
groups solve a proposed challenge in an event with limited time, as in this case, 4 days.

And an assistive technology hackathon?

This year, the event is aimed at developing solutions that facilitate and improve the day-to-day life 
of people with functional diversity. For this, it starts from the initial base of projects proposed, 
entities for people with disabilities such as ASPACE Coruña, ONCE and COGAMI on behalf of the 
users. This Hackathon has the great incentive of offering the possibility of participating in the 
development of support products and technologies, which people with disabilities themselves 

It is important to take into account that in Spain around 3.2 million people have some type of 
disability (almost 10% of the population) and their full participation in the community is limited.
This hackathon aims to help eliminate some of the barriers they encounter, with a clear social 

When and where will it be held?

The Support Technologies Hackathon is held from June 1 to 4, 2023, during which time the Makers
will form teams and will have to get down to work to present the solution to the proposed challenges.
The teams will be able to contact the promoters of the challenges to clarify any doubt, which may be 
published in the hackathon space if it is considered relevant for all the participants. They will be able to 
establish contact through a communication system using the Slack platform

Hybrid Format: The teams may be made up of members with a telematic and face-to-face connection. 
But, at least one of the members of each team must be able to be present to present their work on the
last day of the event (June 4).

Physical space for prototyping: Gaiás Center Museum Building, of the Cidade da Cultura, in Santiago de
Compostela, A Coruña.

What challenges need to be solved?

They will be published on June 1 at 10 in the morning on this website, social networks and in the 
communication channel of the Hackathon teams, Slack. The challenges will be based on proposals 
made by the three participating entities (ONCE, ASPACE Coruña and COGAMI) aimed at solving 
problems that people with disabilities face in their daily lives.
Support products and technologies are those objects, devices, software and hardware that have
been specifically designed and produced to compensate for the deficits and limitations in activity 
that people may have in their day-to-day lives. There are many commercial solutions, but their 
price is very high. In addition, most of the current devices do not cover all the needs that these
 people may have. For this reason, the philosophy of applying low cost and the maker concept to
 the search for effective and more affordable solutions arises.

To better understand what low-cost assistive technology is, you can visit the database of the Albacete
Recovery Center for People with Physical Disabilities

Who can participate?

Anyone who is interested in collaborating and helping to improve the lives of people with functional
 diversity. There is no specific profile, technology experts, members of the maker community, 
people who know the problems of this group and anyone curious to be part of a maker work team c
an participate in a team.

How can I sign up?

Registration is done individually indicating whether you belong to a team or not. In case of 
presenting yourself individually, you can join a team that has already been made later. The Slack 
platform will be made available for the creation and management of work groups.

The teams will have to have a participant in person for the development and presentation of the 
product during the open days of the Maker Faire Galicia 2023, June 3 and 4.

The registration of the participants will be done through the following form.

How much does registration and materials cost?

Registration is free and the materials will depend on the proposed solution, but the organization of 
the Maker Faire Galicia makes available to the participating work teams the standard material for 
maker developments such as 3D printers and basic programmable electronics (Arduinos, electronic 
components , basic sensors and actuators).

What is the number of people per team?

Team of 3 to 5 members.

Who will be the jury?

Representatives of CITIC (Centre for Research in Information and Communication Technologies) of 
the University of A Coruña, COGAMI (Galician Confederation of People with Disabilities), Aspace 
Coruña (Association of parents of people with cerebral palsy), ONCE and Maker Faire Galicia.

What prizes will there be?

The winning team of the hackathon will receive a commemorative trophy and will gain visibility in the
media and RRSS, but the true winners will be all the people who will use the resulting solutions, which,
 after receiving user feedback and developing them, will be shared openly.


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