Ferran Fabregas

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In this workshop the teachers will learn to teach robotics for the initial levels of primary, secondary and extracurricular with a new method called RIE. The new Comprehensive Educational Robotics project has been developed by several robotics teachers and with the accumulated experience of many years in publishing technical books for the Marcombo editorial.

Ferran Fabregas is a computer scientist and programmer by profession. He started in the maker world 7 years ago, in which he has developed a transversal knowledge in different disciplines related to the maker world. He has published the book "Apender Raspberry Pi 4 in 100 practical exercises" and has presented different personal projects at fairs in London, Avignon, the Brussels MakersTown event, at different Maker Faires and at the MIT MediaLab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in addition to publishing articles in magazines like MagPi and in "The Official Raspberry Pi Project Book."





  • Duration: 30 min
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