Nilson Fabián Díaz Martínez

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The Maker methods facilitate the connection between areas and the development of STEM competencies, which is important for the competitiveness of a country. The methods result in products generated with digital educational resources (RED) using CAD tools.

The workshop will show how to transform recyclable solid waste into low-cost tangible material and how this can then be modelled using Onshape on the cloud, therefore enhancing Design skills in keeping with the business sector.

Nilson Fabián Díaz Martínez is a Mechanical Engineer with a STEM Education - STEAM diploma and is an active member of the OAS EducaSTEAM Network. He is also a Professor at the Universidad Libre Cali and a Technical Drawing teacher at the Absalón Torres Camacho Educational Institution of Florida, Colombia.


  • Duration: 1 H
  • Edad: From 16 years
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