Antonino Comesaña Míguez

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If you want to familiarize yourself with the use of cryptocurrencies and be part of this new economy, you cannot miss this Practical Workshop, designed especially for you because it does not require previous experience or knowledge.

If you want to discover how to buy, transfer and deposit your crypto assets, the content of this course will provide you with the practical knowledge you need to interact in decentralized networks with total security.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to get in touch with the crypto community from the hand of experts who stand out for contributing their point of view with a practical and dynamic approach and with easy vocubulary for everyone.

Workshop given by Antonino Comesaña Míguez, CEO of Bit4Block and president of Agalbit, Galician Association of Blockchain and IoT.



  • Duration: 2 H
  • Edad: From 18 years
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