Final project pitchs industry days

01/06 | 10:45hs. Only presential

Coffee break and visit to projects

01/06 | 11:00hs. Only presential

Concert for plants

01/06 | 11:30hs. Only presential

Industry days awards ceremony

01/06 | 13:00hs. Only presential

Visit to projects

01/06 | 13:15hs. Only presential

Networking Lunch

01/06 | 14:00hs. Only presential

Educational Project Competition - Makers PRO Category

The five projects in the Makers Pro category selected by the organization as the most outstanding, will compete for one of the prizes of the day.

02/06 | 10:00hs. Only presential

Educational Project Competition - Makers Category

 The five projects in the Makers category selected by the organization as the most outstanding, will compete for one of the prizes of the day.

02/06 | 11:00hs. Only presential

Educational Project Competition – Mini Makers Category

The five projects in the Mini Makers category selected by the organization as the most outstanding, will compete for one of the prizes of the day.

02/06 | 12:15hs. Only presential

Educational day awards ceremony

02/06 | 13:45hs. Only presential

Lorena Quintas - Xogo de fíos

My name is Lorena Quintas, and I am from Ourense. In order for you to better understand how the Xogo de Fíos project came about, you need to know something about my personal history.

Since I was very little I have been struggling with arthritis that in recent years has caused me total visual functional diversity, with which I had to adapt my life to the new conditions.

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The risks of artificial intelligence

Dhaunae will show us what are the risks of artificial intelligence in the short and medium term and how we can avoid them.

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The renewable hydrogen revolution

HySun is a company created by NANOGAP and TEWER, which has developed a new solution to produce 100% renewable, clean, ecological hydrogen with no CO2 emissions.

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The moon in detail

Anicet Cosialls brings us various educational resources to work in the classroom using the moon as a starting point.

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Opening table industry days

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A look at the creation of video games

Miguel Areán brings us closer to video game development from the perspective of the different professional profiles that we can find in a video game project.

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A new era in biotechnology

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SensaCitizens: A citizen science experience

Experience of a programme developed and implemented by Fabcity Yucatán in the city of Mérida (Mexico), which seeks to establish multi-level participation through experiments and experiences with technology in public space.

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Pablo de Miguel Morales - Autofabricantes

Autofabricantes was born as a research project within the public call at Medialab Prado in the period 2015-2017. Developed and researched in community and open source myoelectric and mechanical hand prosthetics for children.

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Nunca choveu que non escampara

"Nunca choveu que non escampara" aims to minimize the side effects that floods bring with them, affecting the population with considerable material and sometimes personal damage, for which a prevention system is sought.

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Social innovation

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3D printing, an ally for occupational therapy

In this talk, we will tell you about the progress that the incorporation of additive manufacturing has brought to the Aspace Jaén headquarters and its use of the Corporación Suyay solidarity team.

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Scientific populariser by profession

In this talk, I will take a tour of my academic and professional career, sharing anecdotes from my life that were key to my personal development.

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Ethical dilemmas in Artificial Intelligence

We are currently experiencing the explosion of artificial intelligence, a technology that is going to change the world radically.


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Inclusive communities

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How to go towards sustainable centers at the hands of the students

We will accompany the teachers and students to awaken the "Entrepreneurial Spirit" in the centers.

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ARM2u, developing low-cost electronic arm prostheses

A prosthesis can make a difference in the life of a person who needs it, but the cost limits the number of users who can access one.

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Documenting the Spanish video game for 10 years

Yova Turnes introduces us to DeVuego.

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The human-machine instrumental coupling from the artistic experience

Human beings have been using machines for millennia, and the world we have built no longer works without them.

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Grovemakers, the association of makers that is revolutionizing O Grove

The Grovemakers are a group of artisans, designers and creators from O Grove or who live here, who decided to found a collective to make our journey in the commercial and creative world easier and more enriching.

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Bird Study - Vermislab

Alicia, Aroa and Antía, representing the VermisLab Biomarkers and Maker group, will bring us closer to the world of birds, telling us what technological and educational resources they have used to create this exciting project.

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The renaissance maker

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Social entrepreneurship

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AI-Gen Magazine, the first magazine created by and “for” artificial intelligences

The AI-Gen Magazine is the first magazine created by and for artificial intelligences. A transmedia artistic experiment that aims to show the "creative" potential of AIs.

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