Opening table industry days

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Painting With Robots

02/06 | 12:00hs

Human-machine interfaces

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FEDI Fairs

02/06 | 13:30hs

Generation Next

Everything indicates that 2021 will be the year of recovery in Europe, both because of the beginning of the end of the pandemic and because of the now famous Next Generation recovery fund. One of the key points in this fund is digitization, which will allow us to generate more opportunities, be more agile and be more interconnected.



02/06 | 16:00hs

Business Makers

One thing that has become apparent in the last year is that the Makers have brutal creative potential and above-average problem-solving skills. But when they want to monetize those skills, they often get stuck, get bored and don't know how to advance.

At this table we will talk with Makers who have taken the step and who will tell us about their experience throughout the process, from how they got the initial financing, how they built the team or how they went on the market to make a living from their project.


02/06 | 17:00hs

Digitizing from the region

When you ask people who come to Galicia how they would define it, many times they tell you that it is a large village made up of many small villages. That smallholding marked for good and for bad our character, the way we communicate and, ultimately, our culture.


02/06 | 18:00hs

Biotech AC / DC (Before COVID / After COVID)

Everything indicates that this pandemic could generate a revolution in the scientific-technological world and one of the areas that will undoubtedly be part of it is biotechnology.



03/06 | 09:00hs

José Gago - A Makerspace in the operating room

History of how the maker culture took me from Santiago de Compostela to Silicon Valley. The creation of BactiDec, a medical technology device that revolutionizes surgical wound infections. How did the idea come up? What did it mean to go to Silicon Valley? Being a maker was the key in this adventure.



03/06 | 09:30hs

Knowing Homo Deus

Biotechnological development applied to the health field is progressing faster and faster and generates a greater impact on our daily lives. In the short term we are probably not aware but in the long term this is going to mean a total change in how we prevent and cure diseases. In fact, more and more authors agree that the next evolution of Homo Sapiens passes through its union with technology.



03/06 | 10:00hs

The technology behind forests

Although it may not seem so at first glance, there is more technology in forests today than in many engineering companies. This technology is related to life and is used both for plant genetic improvement processes and for applications in the field of health.

03/06 | 11:00hs

César de la Fuente - The machine revolution: development of new antibiotics and diagnostic tests

Machines have the potential to outperform humans and revolutionize our world. In this talk, I will describe our efforts to use machines to develop computational approaches for antibiotic discovery, as well as low-cost rapid diagnostics. 

03/06 | 14:00hs

The industry that has beat the game

If there is an industry that has grown exponentially in recent years, it was that of video games. This has allowed that in a very short time a large part of society has gone from seeing them as a waste of time to a job opportunity with a great future.



03/06 | 16:00hs

From Gamers to Game Makers

The best thing that can happen to us on a professional level is that we can live from what we like, that makes work practically a game. This, literally, is what happens to many Game Makers, who have paid off thousands of hours playing the console well.



03/06 | 18:00hs

Video games and the next cognitive hacking

For a long time we have lost the perspective of the radical capacity of the game to generate mental spaces of cohesion of each one of the civilizations and cultures that made it up, that is, its power to create intersubjective networks of meaning. Thus, the game has been an artifact of generation of meaning and mental connection between the members belonging to the same identity culture since the Neolithic, passing through Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages and until reaching our strange days plagued by drones and artificial intelligence.


03/06 | 19:00hs

Educational Project Competition - Makers PRO Category

The five projects in the Makers Pro category selected by the organization as the most outstanding, will compete for one of the prizes of the day.

04/06 | 09:30hs

The education of the future is now

The accelerated digitization process that we carried out in the last year made us rethink how to do things in education. We have discovered many tools and technologies to apply in the classroom, approaching a future that until now was only a dream.



04/06 | 10:00hs

Educational Project Competition - Makers Category

 The five projects in the Makers category selected by the organization as the most outstanding, will compete for one of the prizes of the day.

04/06 | 10:45hs

Playing to learn

By analyzing animal behavior, we can clearly see how from a young age we learn to develop our abilities through play. From lions to dogs to birds to dolphins, they all play, and humans are no exception.



04/06 | 11:15hs

Educational Project Competition – Mini Makers Category

The five projects in the Mini Makers category selected by the organization as the most outstanding, will compete for one of the prizes of the day.

04/06 | 12:00hs

Maker culture conquers the institute

One of the areas where the Maker culture has generated the most impact in recent years is education, allowing technologies to be democratized to apply in the classroom in record time and at an affordable cost.



04/06 | 12:30hs

Learning in open communities

Today and thanks to the emergence of the internet, we have many sources to reach knowledge and a wealth of content never seen before. Sometimes this knowledge is organized around learning communities that share it openly through different channels and provide us with resources to apply in the classroom.



04/06 | 16:00hs

Coder Dojo, inclusive programming clubs for young people

CoderDojo Valencia is the programming and robotics club of the ByL Iniciatives Educatives Association, to promote Maker culture and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) from 7 to 18 years old.


05/06 | 16:00hs

Sende space

The sende space is an example of how a project with identity can attract people from all over the world. These Makers of the spaces brought to life forgotten houses in a small town in the province of Ourense that has only 20 inhabitants.



05/06 | 16:45hs

Maker and fablabs spaces, a meeting point also between companies and the users of their products?

The iPRODUCE project, supported by the EU, introduces a new social manufacturing framework that includes companies in the consumer goods sector, their collaboration networks, maker spaces, DIY communities and other innovation actors. that can influence at the local level. 



05/06 | 17:30hs

Matrioska Project

We are a group of three artists: Ana, Lucas and Cuco. We have held the Reina Loba Festival of Art, Music and Ruralities in Os Blancos since 2015 as well as the Matrioska artistic residencies. We have painted murals in Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, India as well as various places on the peninsula. We participate in project meetings in rural areas such as Art, Territory and Community, del Sedano, Burgos. In Pontevedra we opened a studio last year where we held workshops, courses and exhibitions.

05/06 | 18:15hs


#ArtesanaLAB, is a Fab Lab Maya project where it seeks to empower indigenous artisans of the Mayan Zone of Quintana Roo through the combination of ancestral techniques with digital manufacturing so that they can fight with the dominant and growing market of Chinese Crafts.



05/06 | 19:00hs

O Sanatorio

O Sanatorio is more than a business project, it is a social, open and community space that encourages reinventing oneself, sharing and learning.

06/06 | 16:00hs

Makers in the future of food


Francisco Regusci and Lucas Requejo lead the creation of Lab_REA, a community which promotes a sustainable and resilient transformation of the Galician Agri-Food sector.


06/06 | 16:45hs

International discussion table - Game Makers from 80´s to 20´s

At the most international table of this edition, we will analyze the evolution of the video game industry in the last 40 years from very different approaches and realities. For this we will have a selection of top Game Makers, who have created such legendary games as Parallax, Torchlight II, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter Online, Angry Birds Action or Sensible Soccer and who have worked for all types of platforms.


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