She provides financial education for children, schools and families. Through workshops and simple dynamics, Lucía López Ferradás transfers through experimentation the concepts that we all need to internalise in order to have a healthier financial life. 

Maker Academy

The Maker Academy was an intensive training project both in innovation methodologies and in technologies such as 3D printing, CNC, Micro:bit or Arduino.

Alvo 3D Estudio

Design studio for decorative pieces made with 3D printing. The entrepreneur, Patricia Vilar Agra, trained in product design and added her experience in the furniture sector to create the design studio.

Plastic Adventure

Aventura Plástica is an environmental awareness project specialising in plastic waste.

Basilisco Studio

We try to make sculptural pieces of different types and sizes by combining traditional techniques, modelling and moulding with multiple materials, with other more modern techniques that we can use thanks to technological advances such as 3D scanning, digital modelling and 3D printing. 


Fuscallo Chamber

We manufacture our fuscalli camera, a device that makes it possible to see particles of ionising radiation with the naked eye.


Cold vibes, design and construction of a cooler suitable and efficient for organ transport.

CibeRespect is an outreach and human rights protection project focused on the intersection between migration and new technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

Modular City

"Modular City" is a project that consists of the creation of a city built with interchangeable 4x4 cm modules. These modules represent different buildings of the city and can be electrically connected or not. There is a central module that acts as the power station, distributing the current to the other modules of the city.

Vintage FPV Cardboard Cars

The project ‘Vintage Cars in Cardboard FPV’ consists of the creation of vintage-style cars made of cardboard, remotely controlled with first-person vision (FPV) via radio control. The cars are equipped with wireless steering wheels, providing a realistic and fun driving experience.

How Insects See - Biomakers Project

"How Insects See" is a project by the Biomakers group that seeks to explore and simulate the vision of insects. The students studied various types of insects and created robotic prototypes of them. In addition, they developed a mask that simulates insect vision, allowing people to experience how these animals see due to their unique type of eyes.

Organic waste container with AI

This is a prototype of an intelligent container, which, when in doubt as to whether or not it is an organic waste, can be used to collect the waste.


Our work comes from working in the world of cinema and advertising, so we bring very colourful pieces both of characters and replicas of historical objects.

EmoXogos Perdouro

EmoXogosPerdouro is a social enterprise that seeks to generate impact and is focused on people, both in the case of those who "manufacture" the games (the students of IES Perdouro) and the target public (educational centres, associations and families).

The production, advertising and marketing of games created by the students of IES Perdouro, in order to work on learning and management of emotions through games.

Escape Ruuuum - Intergalactic Escape Room

"Escape Ruuuum" is a themed escape room designed and built by the students, which immerses the participants in an exciting and fun story. The narrative revolves around farmers who are abducted by aliens, who are cows from another galaxy on a mission to free the cows from Earth. Participants must escape from the alien ship before it leaves the planet by overcoming various trials and challenges.

EU FOR ALL: Building Europe

3D project with Tinkercad: Innovative content exploring European culture through the construction of emblematic monuments.


System for the early detection of fires through the sensorisation of forest areas. Based on LoRa IOT technologies.

Guardians of the water

Using Arduino to create projects that help to spread the importance of water and its rational use.

Healthy Horizon

Interactive table on healthy nutrition


I am Ana Moura, haemodialysis nurse. It all came from the need to make it easier to reach the vascular accesses used in haemodialysis. 


An integrative project that fuses chess with all maker skills.

José Manuel Pato, a Galician businessman from Laxe, has several inventions, including PeATO, a road safety system to prevent pedestrians from being run over at pedestrian crossings.

Innovation arises to improve

Representation of the displays that I made for my work and that were selected in the INNOVA CHALLENGE. We are also going to exhibit a new work: the CICLONCE for the next INNOVA CHALLENGE in which Violeta Sauca Bragado (CREATIVA), Genoveva Mateo Rodríguez (ASESORA) and Francisco Vidal Bernal (MAKER) will participate.

Lab Aberto Fablab

Lab Aberto is a maker and educative association, focused on digital fabrication, STEM education, economical links and institutional colaboration.


LCD (Laboratório de Criatividade Digital) is a project from Agrupamento de Escolas Venda do Pinheiro, focused on STEAM and robotics.

Magic with Electronics

Here, different things happen than usual in the world of electronics, illusion and technology come together in this place.

Maker Club León

We are a community of students passionate about innovation and technology. 

Virtual Museum with Artificial Intelligence

Design of virtual museums with artificial intelligence to introduce artificial intelligence in the classroom as an educational resource.

Play with Me

"Play with Me" is an innovative 15 cm diameter methacrylate ball designed for multiplayer entertainment. It incorporates Microbit-based electronics and 3D printed parts. Inside the sphere is a small basket with a sensor that detects when the ball enters, thus allowing different modes of play between different people.

Project Droid, Films Robots

Functional 7th art robots. As well as functional prostheses that have already been given to children.

Recycling of Materials - Porexpan, Paper and Clothes

The materials recycling project focuses on the creative and sustainable reuse of porexpan, paper and clothes. The pupils have designed and constructed various objects and products from these recycled materials, promoting environmental awareness and sustainability. Among the products created are jewellery made from recycled porexpan and acetone, recycled paper and clothes to make patterns for dolls such as Nancy.

Resib Labs

Resib Labs is a laboratory created by a group of young people passionate about technology where they can unleash their ingenuity and creativity.


Wooden creations about Galicia and the Camino de Santiago. Maps, Puzzles, Skylines and geodesic domes.

SMART Reflection

DIY Smart Mirror with integrated voice and video assistant.

SunSmart Glasses

Smart glasses that detect ultraviolet radiation, displaying information to the wearer on a small screen and changing colour.

Inclusive Talents

We want to increase the knowledge of science and technology of non-university students and make the reality of people with disabilities more visible.

Technology and Reduced Mobility

Exploring the role of a stabiliser in mobility aids. Study, design and creation of an auxiliary device for crutches to carry small loads without spilling liquids.

Terracraft - Interactive Board Game with Minecraft

"MineQuest is an innovative board game that combines tests in the physical world with challenges within the popular video game Minecraft. Designed to test skills and knowledge about Minecraft and the maker world, this game consists of a board with 25 squares, each corresponding to a test. The squares have RFID sensors to interact with the player.

Touching Meninas

We adapted the urban art of the Meninas de Canido (Ferrol) so that visually impaired people could enjoy it. For this purpose, we created models in which we used different textures, 3D contours and the constanz method (a universal method that assigns colours to shapes). In addition, we added an audio plate that is activated by touch and explains the works. To describe the context of the models we also use navilens codes that are activated from different angles.
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Ultramarte . La Casa Azul

Ultramarte is a house-school-workshop where different creative dynamics are developed through experimentation and play based on the use of colours.

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