Assistive Technology Hackathon

This year, at the Maker Faire Galicia we will carry out our first assistive technology hackathon, which is aimed at developing projects that facilitate and improve the day-to-day life of people with functional diversity. To carry it out we have the collaboration of ASPACE Coruña, ONCE and COGAMI on behalf of its users and the CITIC of the UDC, where they have been working for some time to provide solutions to these needs.

Workshops Maker Faire Galicia 2022

The moment that the most maker profiles were waiting for has finally arrived, the workshops of the Maker Faire Galicia 2022 are here. Be careful, this is just a preview, in the next few days there will be news and we will update this post, so stay tuned :)

Call for volunteers of the Maker Faire Galicia

The Maker Faire Galicia is an experience in itself… local, national and from any part of the world exhibitors, projects on very diverse themes (from crafts or music to 3D printing, robotics or science), talks, workshops for all ages, shows of drones, musical shows, contests... a very varied offer!

But to be able to offer all this we need to have a great team and that is where the figure of the volunteers is fundamental. That is why today we open the call to volunteers for the face-to-face sessions of the Maker Faire Galicia that will be held from June 2 to 5.




Participate in the 3rd edition of the Game Maker Jam

This year at the Maker Faire Galicia we held the third edition of the Game Maker Jam, an event that is surpassing itself year after year, increasing in the number of participants and in the quality of the video games presented. Perhaps at this point it is not necessary to explain what a Game Jam is, but in case you are new to this world, I will tell you.

Why Game Jam? This term comes from the words "game" and "jam" which refers to "jam sessions" or musical sessions that are mostly improvised. In Game Maker Jam the objective is the creation of video game prototypes in a free, novel and almost improvised way. The first Game Jam was held in 2002 by Chris Hecker and Sean Barrett as a game design and programming event to encourage experimentation and innovation in the video game industry.




Carlota Corzo, a Galician creator gives Forbes list 30 under 30

Since the beginning of Maker Faire Galicia, we have always defended that talent has no identity, no gender, no specific area and that the profiles of makers, as well as society as a whole, are very diverse. Some examples are the minimakers that year after year excite us with their projects, Patelo with their miniature motors or some two hits from recent editions such as Maitane Alonso, David Aguilar or Gitanjali Rao herself who will accompany us in this edition.

Another example is Carlota Corzo, a Galician with a degree in Fine Arts who recently became well known throughout Spain for being part of the Forbes 30 under 30 list (which selects the 30 most influential people in Spain under 30). To situate ourselves in the dimension of this list, comment that among those 30 profiles are names like Ibai Chairos or Rosalía.





Aruma Studios, creating videoxogos in glocal

One more year, the video gamers will have a very important role in the Maker Faire Galicia, holding the third edition of our Game Maker Jam or reserving the whole afternoon or 2nd of June for content in this sector. During this session, although we will also talk about accessibility, mental health or myths in videographers, we did not want to waste the opportunity to learn how a studio can be created from scratch in an unfavorable context.

For this, we will tell about a new studio that has just opened in Galicia, Aruma Studios, formed by Rubén López, Google and YouTube enxeñeiro for the last 10 years, and Silvia Izquierdo, audiovisual producer.





Pepe Martin, CEO of Minimalism brand and benchmark in conscious entrepreneurship, sustainability and transparency

About 4 years ago we met Pepe when the Minimalism brand began to market very innovative minimal handbags and he came to the Maker Faire Galicia as an exhibitor to share his product with the community.

Since then, Minimalism has become one of the Spanish startups with the greatest impact and has managed to connect with an entire generation that seeks values ​​first and then a product.



Paco Ayala, the change maker behind Huerto Roma Verde

Although these last two years there was no physical Maker Faire Galicia, we have made good use of the time and greatly expanded our community, especially in Latin America. One of the great discoveries has been the Huerto Roma Verde project, located in Mexico City and led by the socio-environmental activist Paco Ayala.

In September 1985 there was a big earthquake in Mexico City that caused many buildings to fall. Some of them generated abandoned spaces for years, as in the case of the site where the Huerto Roma Verde is located today, which was for 27 years.



Gitanjali Rao, the maker who wants to solve the great problems of humanity

The ease of access to information with the arrival of the internet, as well as technological democratization, has totally changed our lives and has revolutionized the world of innovation. If in recent times there was already talk that we were at the gates of a new, much more digital and interconnected era, the pandemic has finished ratifying it.

In this change of era in which we find ourselves, we are going to need new consumption models, new technologies or new energy sources, but above all we will need new leaders who show us the way to solve the great challenges of humanity. For this reason, this year we went looking for the one who we are sure will be the leader of an entire generation and who represents better than anyone what makers and their philosophy can do for the world, she is none other than Gitanjali Rao.


The 8th edition of the Maker Faire Galicia is here!!!

This year the Maker Faire Galicia welcomes the hybrid world from June 1 to 5, both at the Gaiás Museum of the City of Culture (Santiago de Compostela) and on our online platform, in an edition where we want to celebrate the reunion of the entire Maker Community.

After the Call for Makers closed last Thursday, March 31, we can tell you that for this edition we will have more than 60 projects from different parts of the world, very diverse and with a very high level.



Call for Makers 2022

After the success of the recent Maker Faire Galicia 2021, we are already starting to work on the one in 2022, which we already anticipate will be in a physical / online hybrid format. If you have an innovative project that you want to share with the world, from today you can register for the Call for Makers 2022 and participate in one of the most important Maker events in Europe.

Operation of the online platform of the Maker Faire Galicia 2021

A few days before the Maker Faire Galicia 2021 begins, we would like to share with you some news and details of how our online platform works, so that you can enjoy the experience to the fullest.

José Gago, 3 times winner of the Maker Faire Galicia and CEO of BactiDec

From the organization of the Maker Faire Galicia, we cannot be more proud to announce, as one of the hits of this edition, José Gago (Pontevedra, 1996), winner of the 2020 Industry Conference competition and twice winner of the Open Days with the Scienceffect Association.


Keisha Howard, a world leader in diversity and inclusion in video games

If we are proud of something at Maker Faire Galicia, it is to be one of the Maker events that is most committed to diversity and inclusion in all areas. As we like to think big, this year it occurred to us to knock on the door of a world leader in this regard and that works in one of the most powerful and influential industries, videogames. She is Keisha Howard and she will be with us in the 2021 edition of Maker Faire Galicia.


Game Makers from around the world at the most international table

Following the line of the 2020 edition, from the organization of the Maker Faire Galicia we bet one more year to bring the world of video games closer to the Maker culture. If last year this sector had space in the educational and open days, this year it fully enters the professional days.



It is a totally open event in which the attendees are the protagonists themselves. We will start from a central theme that will be educational innovation and from there each of you will be able to propose a theme that interests you to discuss during the event. You can send your themes through this form from today until May 26.


Participate in the Game Maker Jam creating your most fun video game in this hackathon

Why Game Jam? This term comes from the words "game" and "jam" which refers to "jam sessions" or musical sessions that are mostly improvised. In Game Maker Jam the objective is the creation of video game prototypes in a free, novel and almost improvised way. The first Game Jam was held in 2002 by Chris Hecker and Sean Barrett as a game design and programming event to encourage experimentation and innovation in the video game industry.


Valeria Corrales, the Minimaker who triumphed in Got Talent

In recent times, the Maker world is becoming more and more known to the general public, something that is very positive for the entire ecosystem. If 2020 was the year of the Maker Community, 2021 is undoubtedly that of Valeria Corrales, a 12-year-old Minimaker from Huesca who left half of Spain hallucinating with her appearance on the world's most watched talent show. Here you can see her stellar appearance in Got Talent Spain.


César de la Fuente, the biomaker who is revolutionizing the world of health

This year, at Maker Faire Galicia, we wanted the first hit we announced to be someone very special, someone who could change the world with their projects and, if it were Galician, then much better :)

Well, we got it, this year César de la Fuente (A Coruña, 1986) will be with us at the Maker Faire Galicia, the Galician biotechnologist known lately for the low-cost cardboard test to detect COVID-19 (more maker impossible), but has a trajectory that goes much further.