Call for Makers 2022

After the success of the recent Maker Faire Galicia 2021, we are already starting to work on the one in 2022, which we already anticipate will be in a physical / online hybrid format. If you have an innovative project that you want to share with the world, from today you can register for the Call for Makers 2022 and participate in one of the most important Maker events in Europe.

Technological solutions for industrial digitization

At Maker Faire Galicia we are aware that the industrial ecosystem is increasingly concerned with efficiency, sustainability and productivity. These objectives, on many occasions, are addressed with the implementation of technological tools and products.

Democratizing AI with Sergio Dacal

One of the virtues of good Maker projects is that they bring reality, and in an understandable way, technologies that would otherwise be very difficult to land. In addition, if we talk about disruptive technologies at the present time, we should talk about Artificial Intelligence.



Maker Faire Galicia Online Community

Seen with some perspective, one of the good things that the pandemic brought was to get us out of our comfort zone and put our heads to work looking for new solutions. In our case, it served to remove mental barriers and propose an online format of a concept as physical as Maker Faire.


Operation of the online platform of the Maker Faire Galicia 2021

A few days before the Maker Faire Galicia 2021 begins, we would like to share with you some news and details of how our online platform works, so that you can enjoy the experience to the fullest.

José Gago, 3 times winner of the Maker Faire Galicia and CEO of BactiDec

From the organization of the Maker Faire Galicia, we cannot be more proud to announce, as one of the hits of this edition, José Gago (Pontevedra, 1996), winner of the 2020 Industry Conference competition and twice winner of the Open Days with the Scienceffect Association.


Keisha Howard, a world leader in diversity and inclusion in video games

If we are proud of something at Maker Faire Galicia, it is to be one of the Maker events that is most committed to diversity and inclusion in all areas. As we like to think big, this year it occurred to us to knock on the door of a world leader in this regard and that works in one of the most powerful and influential industries, videogames. She is Keisha Howard and she will be with us in the 2021 edition of Maker Faire Galicia.


Game Makers from around the world at the most international table

Following the line of the 2020 edition, from the organization of the Maker Faire Galicia we bet one more year to bring the world of video games closer to the Maker culture. If last year this sector had space in the educational and open days, this year it fully enters the professional days.



It is a totally open event in which the attendees are the protagonists themselves. We will start from a central theme that will be educational innovation and from there each of you will be able to propose a theme that interests you to discuss during the event. You can send your themes through this form from today until May 26.


Participate in the Game Maker Jam creating your most fun video game in this hackathon

Why Game Jam? This term comes from the words "game" and "jam" which refers to "jam sessions" or musical sessions that are mostly improvised. In Game Maker Jam the objective is the creation of video game prototypes in a free, novel and almost improvised way. The first Game Jam was held in 2002 by Chris Hecker and Sean Barrett as a game design and programming event to encourage experimentation and innovation in the video game industry.


Valeria Corrales, the Minimaker who triumphed in Got Talent

In recent times, the Maker world is becoming more and more known to the general public, something that is very positive for the entire ecosystem. If 2020 was the year of the Maker Community, 2021 is undoubtedly that of Valeria Corrales, a 12-year-old Minimaker from Huesca who left half of Spain hallucinating with her appearance on the world's most watched talent show. Here you can see her stellar appearance in Got Talent Spain.


César de la Fuente, the biomaker who is revolutionizing the world of health

This year, at Maker Faire Galicia, we wanted the first hit we announced to be someone very special, someone who could change the world with their projects and, if it were Galician, then much better :)

Well, we got it, this year César de la Fuente (A Coruña, 1986) will be with us at the Maker Faire Galicia, the Galician biotechnologist known lately for the low-cost cardboard test to detect COVID-19 (more maker impossible), but has a trajectory that goes much further.


Participate in the Maker Faire Galicia - The Call for Makers is open

If you have an innovative project that you want to share with the world, sign up for the Call for Makers and participate in one of the most important Maker events in Europe. Whether you have a solution applicable to industry, or if you have done an innovative project in your educational center or have developed a new technological or creative solution in any field, Maker Faire Galicia is your platform.

Seventh edition of the Maker Faire Galicia

This year the Maker Faire Galicia, one of the most important maker fairs in Europe, will be held from June 2 to 6 and will repeat 100% online format, after the success of the last edition held last November at a Gaiás Museum virtual.


All the workshops of the Maker Faire Galicia 2021

There is less than a month left for Maker Faire Galicia 2021 and we can already start announcing some of the activities that we have closed for this edition.