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The AI-Gen Magazine is the first magazine created by and for artificial intelligences. A transmedia artistic experiment that aims to show the "creative" potential of AIs.

AI-Gen seeks to find “genuine” cultural elements typical of AIs by asking these tools to generate different content and discourses for “themselves”; thus showing the interest of these tools, beyond optimization, as a way of reaching things that could not be achieved in any other way.

In the talk, the process of creating the magazine will be discussed, reflections on AI in art and its limitations, problems and possibilities in the art world will be shown.


Cristina Chiarroni

Mariola is an artistic collective formed by Cristina Chiarroni and Roquekes. His artistic production is characterized by hybridizing interactivity and games with digital language and new technologies.

In the last year, they have participated in exhibitions and events at MMMAD Festival, INTERSECTION. Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival and the MEGA Mundo Estrella Galicia museum.


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