02/06/2022   13:00 - 13:15

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Oscar Miguel Bandín

Because of my interest in technology and cars, I founded Diariomotor many years ago, a project that is now part of Atresmedia. Along the way, I became interested in approaching animals as a Veterinary Assistant, lending a hand with advice and investing in startups, and supporting our small Galician community.


Ana Pérez Lobato

Chemical Engineer specialized in chemical and biochemical processes, and triple master's degree in occupational risk prevention, quality management systems and management of environmental systems. She has several years of experience in R&D in the construction sector and in the logistics area. I am currently a Project Manager at Innovación en Servicio Móvil S.A.U. where she evaluated and participated in the design and development of new products, services and in the implementation of pilot projects, preparing detailed project plans, schedules, costs and managing changes in the scope of the projects.


Ana Sánchez

Law degree from the University of Oviedo, Executive Program in Customer Experience Management from ESIC, Executive MBA in HR management from the Gijón Chamber of Commerce and Expert in Labor Orientation from Anced, among other training courses. Since April 2021, she has been the Northwest Zone Director at APD where she began in 2012 as the director of the Asturias delegation. APD is an organization with more than 65 years of history in the business field, developing training and information activities aimed at the professional development of managers, as well as debate and reflection in a networking environment. He has more than 20 years of professional experience linked to the field of management training and development in entities such as the Gijón Chamber of Commerce, the Asturias Business School Foundation and since 2012 in APD.


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