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Valeria Corrales - The Minimaker that triumphed in Got Talent

Valeria wants to inspire other girls to follow in her footsteps, to try technology-related activities so they can see that it is a lot of fun. She always says that she is a normal girl and that if she can do the things that she does, any other girl can too. She is clear that when she grows up she wants to be an engineer.


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The education of the future is now

The accelerated digitization process that we carried out in the last year made us rethink how to do things in education. We have discovered many tools and technologies to apply in the classroom, approaching a future that until now was only a dream.



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Maker culture conquers the institute

One of the areas where the Maker culture has generated the most impact in recent years is education, allowing technologies to be democratized to apply in the classroom in record time and at an affordable cost.



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Playing to learn

By analyzing animal behavior, we can clearly see how from a young age we learn to develop our abilities through play. From lions to dogs to birds to dolphins, they all play, and humans are no exception.



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Learning in open communities

Today and thanks to the emergence of the internet, we have many sources to reach knowledge and a wealth of content never seen before. Sometimes this knowledge is organized around learning communities that share it openly through different channels and provide us with resources to apply in the classroom.



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