Open Days

Paco Ayala - Urban Gardens, Gardens of Hope.

We need to reconcile with the earth, weave a new relationship between us and nature, which transcends the anthropocentric vision that built a pact between men through the social contract that led over time to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which meant a substantive advance, especially for having transcended the archaic pact that we had made with the gods.

04/06 | 16:00hs

Innovate or die - Centro de Innovación Tecnológica CINTEC de Méjico

One way to demonstrate that just as companies that did not innovate were disappearing, people have to innovate to stand out.

04/06 | 16:30hs

Fab Lab Xtrene Almendralejo - Makers and NGOs

This Fab Lab has become a true reference both nationally and internationally in bringing the maker world to disadvantaged contexts.

In his talk they will tell us about some of their impressive projects that range from collaborations with Cuban makers to the spectacular project they have carried out with Nasco Feeding Minds in Ghana.



04/06 | 17:00hs

Solidarity 3D printing - El rincón tech

Due to a solidarity 3D printing project where makers from all over Spain altruistically participated printing toy planes for hospitalized children from all over Asturias and part of Porto, I wanted to share the experience, how it all came about, and show the benefits it can have 3D printing in society due to the multitude of sectors in which it can be used. Thus demonstrating that 3D printing can be applied with social benefit, contributing, bringing hope to hospitalized children and connecting hundreds of people for social work.

04/06 | 17:30hs

Smart Agrodome - Centro de diseño tecnológico industrial del valle in Colombia

In this presentation, first the problem that gives rise to the need in the sector will be exposed and how this is a need that can be seen reflected in many more parts at the national and international level, then the development of the methodology used for the construction of the dome as a solution to a specific need.

04/06 | 18:00hs

I am a Maker and blind, where is the problem?

Juan Antonio will tell us how he faced a sudden loss of vision that changed his life and for a time prevented him from doing what he liked the most, projects that solve problems.

After a rehabilitation process, today he continues to innovate and help the group of blind or visually impaired people with his solutions, being one of the referents of the ONCE Innova community and the creator of the 2.0 electronic cane.



04/06 | 18:30hs

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