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01/06 | 16:00hs

02/06 | 09:30hs. Only presential

What is this industry 5.0 about?

02/06 | 10:00hs. Only presential

Final project pitchs industry days

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Technology and mental health

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Industry days awards ceremony

02/06 | 13:00hs. Only presential

Galo Martínez - Dismantling myths about video games

What does science tell us about video games? In a brief historical tour, we will address some of the hottest topics and debates surrounding video games, hand in hand with current scientific evidence, dismantling false myths and providing data from the latest studies carried out in this field. What are its benefits on the Central Nervous System? Do they induce violent behavior? Are they addictive? A paper to speak rigorously and reflect.

02/06 | 16:30hs

Iago Gordillo - The Recuncho Gamer

The video game as a cultural product. That is the premise with which Recuncho Gamer was born. In this talk, its director, Iago Gordillo, talks about the possibilities of making audiovisual content for the different social networks and what unique characteristics and possibilities the video game medium has for this type of content. From videos to live streams, from one-minute TikToks to two-hour podcasts. And always seeking to bring the video game closer to a larger audience and discarding prejudices.

02/06 | 17:00hs

Aruma Studios - Creating videogames in complex contexts

How is the process of creating an independent video game studio in Galicia? And how to make your game interesting even in Patagonia? We will talk about the phases that Aruma Studios went through: from the germ of the idea until it became a reality.



02/06 | 17:30hs

Javi Andrés - Accessibility in video games

How is a video game made accessible? Can people with disabilities play on an equal footing today? Javi Andrés, a journalist specializing in video games and accessibility, reviews and teaches in this talk for makers and anyone else some of the commercial video games that are references in accessibility.

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