Education Day

Stepping strong

It is about generating electrical energy taking advantage of the piezoelectric properties of some materials and studying the most visited places in the city.

Pictocal: interactive digital calendar based on pictograms

PictoCal is a web application developed to create attractive calendars for children or people with cognitive diversity.

Maker Store

Maker Store By Allnet is a store specialized in the commercialization of products based on the Maker movement and the STEAM philosophy, such as 3D printers, 3D filament, electronic components, development boards, educational robots, tools, power supplies, instruments. measurement and control, home automation, IoT & LoRaWAN.

Misison: "Solar System"

Interactive planetarium, with touch panels, conductive ink, programming, arduino, holographic projection, RV, RA, laser cut and languages.


Surface solid waste collector ship.


VibroMesh helps people with hearing limitations to perform rhythmic gymnastics by making it possible for them to perceive music.


Our project serves to help people with visual limitations when swimming in a pool, helping them to know its limits.



Simplify is a social and disruptive video game that seeks generational integration through an eSport.

LCD is the robotics club of AE Venda do Pinheiro, an open club where students can freely develop their technological and creative skills.


Design of an indicator for vehicles with handlebars.

3D Cell

3D prototype of the cell, 3D printing, 3D molds, SoftCircuits, conductive inks, arduino, programming, laser cutting and languages.


Multi-function glove that allows the translation of sign language for the help of the deaf and silent communication in the defense sector.

Magic box

It is an ICT esource in which we use a shoe box to give it another use and turn it into a sound box.

Alquimétricas LAB is an open and collaborative maker and STEAM education platform focused on open source and DIY modular systems.


Manned Aircraft

The project aims to manufacture a manned aircraft structure, planned for electric propulsion.

Agrodomo inteligente

The project is based on the construction of an intelligent dome that allows vegetables to be grown autonomously and independently.


System for the control of environmental conditions in classrooms and other physical spaces of an educational center.

Discovering exoplanets

Prototype of a planet orbiting a star to simulate the transit method used by space telescopes to detect exoplanets.


DIY programmable graphing calculator.

Galicia by train

It is an Edison robot converted into a train, it follows the path through the main cities and finally reaches Finisterre.

The students prepared an interdisciplinary work using the Ozobot, in which they explain the functioning of the digestive system.


EKO v3.0 is a humanoid robot with a height of 1.50 m, a weight of 40.5 kg and 15 degrees of freedom.

Adapta Maker

Manufacture and adaptation of buttons, toys and other adaptations for accessibility in daily life.

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