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High Tech Auto

La incubadora High Tech Auto es la primera incubadora en España especializada en el sector automoción, sector auxiliar de componentes y servicios avanzados, y está aquí en Bouzas en la sede del Consorcio en la Zona Franca en Vigo. Si crees que tu idea/proyecto es de utilidad para automoción High Tech Auto puede ser una buena vía de entrada, es una gran oportunidad para hacerlo realidad. 


PictoTempo is a project that aims to help children with some type of autism spectrum disorder ASD) and, in general, users with functional and cognitive diversity, in the organization and performance of their daily routines and tasks. This appt contributes to improving their autonomy and makes it easier for their educators to carry out programming adapted to their needs and continuous monitoring of these routines and tasks.

Painting with robots

Painting with Robots works in the development of robots capable of using classic painting tools such as oils, acrylics, paintbrushes, spatulas etc. The aim is to imitate the techniques of a professional painter to explore new limits between to digital art and painting through or control of textures, cores, etc. and not to reproduce existing paintings.


VR Rehabilitation

Virtual reality allows the creation of a very realistic environment, while achieving the immersion of the user in it. The purpose of this project is to use this technology to develop scenarios that serve as a complementary tool in therapies with people with functional diversity.

IT monitorization system

This project consists of a monitoring system for CPDs based on open source and open hardware technologies. Specifically, the Zabbix monitoring system is combined with the Home Assistant application for automation and the MQTT protocol for data collection from sensors.





VIP Zone Makers

In all events there is always a moment as an exhibitor in which we are tired, we need to disconnect or we simply get bored. In addition to this, it often happens that you meet the most interesting people in more informal situations such as a networking lunch or a coffee.


Yayagram was created to help the older generation to communicate with each other their grandchildren. It is a device that provides them with a voice and an opportunity for people who do not know how to use messaging apps on mobile devices to communicate.


Minerva allows the collection, analysis, notifications and visualization of data in real time from all types of sources (machines, automatons, sensors, ERP, MES, IT equipment, etc.). The platform allows secure access to data through personalized dashboards for each user: operators, managers, management, etc. and from any device: mobile, tablet, PC or screens in the plant.


Mentiness is a platform that allows your employees to access a prevention and mental health care service through individualized sessions, workshops and online training together with our team of health professionals.

FEDI Fairs

Ferias FEDI is a web application for making 3D virtual faires and events. The aim is to offer a solution that adapts to any sector, is visually attractive and easy to use. The application is "self-service", it is a tool for a user to organize an event independently.

Digitalización y sostenibilidad

In a business ecosystem increasingly concerned with the environmental impact and social responsibility, the implementation of technological tools and products becomes essential. In this webinar we want to help you learn about the technologies that are used in two areas especially relevant to improve efficiency and sustainability: waste management and administrative management. 

Human - machine interface

Human-machine interfaces (HMI) represent a new communication channel between people and objects in their environment that does not depend on the usual communication channels. Through the use of open hardware and software, this UDC-CITIC group has developed a complete HMI system. This system is very useful for people with severe motor difficulties or those who, while maintaining some muscle control, fatigue easily.


The Technological Institute of Industrial Mathematics (ITMATI) provides advanced solutions to the manufacturing sectors of society, especially for companies, industries and public offices. Its main function is to convey mathematical technology to help improve competitiveness and to support innovation in the manufacturing sector.

Maker Store

Maker Store By Allnet is a store specialized in the commercialization of products based on the Maker movement and the STEAM philosophy, such as 3D printers, 3D filament, electronic components, development boards, educational robots, tools, power supplies, instruments. measurement and control, home automation, IoT & LoRaWAN.

Amigx, welcome to social future

Amigx is a social entrepreneurship project to eradicate the feminization of poverty, end unwanted loneliness and promote sisterhood. Awarded in the EduCaixa Emprende Challenge 2021 category. Amigx is a free app with the aim of connecting women locally to promote the exchange of services in exchange for a virtual currency and solidarity that can be exchanged in local businesses.

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