Industry Days


Surface solid waste collector ship.


Simplify is a social and disruptive video game that seeks generational integration through an eSport.


It is a product that aims to improve the health and independence of the elderly thanks to its artificial intelligence and loT.


Pictocal: interactive digital calendar based on pictograms

PictoCal is a web application developed to create attractive calendars for children or people with cognitive diversity.

Walking stick 2.0

It is a white cane that improves the quality of life of blind people, through radiofrequency.

Discovering antibiotics

Is it possible that a mutation that modifies the exterior of a transmembrane channel also affects its interior properties?


Smart Agrodome

The project is based on the construction of an intelligent dome that allows vegetables to be grown autonomously and independently.


CuramSenes, is a manager for taking medicines and medical appointments. Designed for the elderly, it notifies a caregiver if the medication has not been taken. This project was a finalist in the "Reinventing Healthy Spaces" contest organized by this year.

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