Education Day

Game Maker Jam

This meeting, which will be held from June 1 to 4, aims to promote creativity and video game development, as well as serve as a platform to meet people and establish relationships between the different participants.

01/06 | hs

Arduino in Physics and Chemistry class

In this workshop you will learn how to integrate Arduino in your Physics and Chemistry classes.

03/06 | 10:00hs. Only presential

Classroom games

A workshop in which board games will be the protagonists to learn in another way.

Intended for groups (educational centers).


03/06 | 10:00hs. Only presential

Maker microscope

In this workshop, teachers will work together to learn to observe the world in a different way and will build a maker microscope that they can use in the classroom with their students to teach them about the wonderful microscopic world.

03/06 | 10:00hs. Only presential

Creative electronics

In this workshop, students will learn basic concepts of electricity and electronics through the realization of simple circuits in a very fun and creative way.

intended for groups (educational centers).


03/06 | 10:00hs. Only presential

Video game creation

In this workshop the participants will become video game developers. The concept of programming, the definition of algorithm will be delved into and work will be done with different software (Scratch, GDevelop, etc.), discovering the dynamics and mechanics of video games.

Intended for groups (educational centers).

03/06 | 10:00hs. Only presential

Augmented reality

In this workshop, boys and girls will be introduced to the world of Augmented Reality through the Quiver platform, which allows this technology to be mixed with art and drawing.

Intended for groups (educational centers).

03/06 | 10:00hs. Only presential

Makey Makey

In this workshop you will learn to play instruments through the Makey board and with the help of conductive elements (fruit, plasticine...).

03/06 | 11:00hs. Only presential

Manufacture of adapted buttons

Initiation in the basic principles of welding to create a switch with which to activate a wireless acoustic warning device and an accessible fenderino.

03/06 | 12:00hs. Only presential

Arduino and sustainable development

In this workshop we will carry out a practical activity with Arduino about carbon dioxide and its role in the environment.

03/06 | 12:00hs. Only presential


Toca Toca is a workshop on arthropods, where the generalities of this group of animals are explained and their importance in ecosystems, as well as their importance for human beings, is made known.

03/06 | 12:30hs. Only presential

Introduction to robotics with Micro:BIT

In this workshop you will learn computational logic through the development of projects with Micro:BIT, a programmable card that is widely used in the United Kingdom and that has great potential for developing STEAM activities.

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DIY holograms

In this practical workshop we will make the prisms needed to create holograms using a screen. 



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Build a catapult using Alquimétricos LAB

Alquimétricos, an international community of affordable, open source STEAM educational toys.

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Space science and rocket creation

This workshop consists in an introduction to space science by experimenting with concepts such as atmospheric pressure or creating chemical reactions. Also covered will be curious facts about the universe and atmospheric pressure. Finally a rocket will be constructed.



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