Education Day

Game Maker Jam 2021

This meeting, which will be held from June 3 to 5, aims to promote creativity and the development of video games, as well as to serve as a platform on which to meet people and establish relationships between the different participants.

03/06 | 18:00hs


It is a totally open event in which the attendees are the protagonists themselves. We will start from a central theme that will be educational innovation and from there each of you will be able to propose a theme that interests you to discuss during the event. 


04/06 | 17:30hs

Educational Robotics through the RIE Method

In this workshop the teachers will learn to teach robotics for the initial levels of primary, secondary and extracurricular with a new method called RIE. The new Comprehensive Educational Robotics project has been developed by several robotics teachers and with the accumulated experience of many years in publishing technical books for the Marcombo editorial.







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Low-cost Maker solutions integrated with CAD digital educational resources

The Maker methods facilitate the connection between areas and the development of STEM competencies, which is important for the competitiveness of a country. The methods result in products generated with digital educational resources (RED) using CAD tools.

The workshop will show how to transform recyclable solid waste into low-cost tangible material and how this can then be modelled using Onshape on the cloud, therefore enhancing Design skills in keeping with the business sector.


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Trileros with Micro:BIT

In this workshop we will program step by step through blocks the skill game Trileiros using the Microbit simulator from the Microsoft's MakeCode platform.




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VEX (Simulación robótica)

In this workshop we will learn about virtual robotics through the VEX simulator, which will allow us to learn programming without having a physical robot.


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Computational thinking and 3D modelling/printing in mobile devices

This workshop will demonstrate how to use 3D design and printing on mobile devices to foster computational thinking skills in arts and ICT.


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Introduction to robotics in a virtual environment with Mbot

Learning computer logic and robotics with Mbot in a virtual environment. We will cover in-depth the concept of programming, the definition of algorithm, the programming environment, fundamental programming structures, basic mechanics and programming of robots, electronics applied to programming (sensors and actuators) or the simulation of handling robots.

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Creation of tactile maps

Deseño e Son is an inclusive project that uses technology as a help tool to meet special needs of handicapped people and make other realities visible.

Through 3D modeling, 3D printing and application programming, students from IES Zalaeta and CEE Ntra. Sra. De Lourdes, in collaboration with the ONCE Foundation, Aspronaga and Aspanaes, developed several works, including the creation of tactile maps and 3D pieces to learn braille, the adaptation of traditional games and the design of applications to facilitate communication.





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Do you remember Pelegrín? It was the small Jacobean mascot in 1993, its success was having a design with simple shapes and striking colors that had a lot of imprint. Years passed and now you have the opportunity to breathe new life into it by reinterpreting the original design. E-textiles, laser cutting, recycled materials, electronics, etc. anything goes in this #hackobeo, do you accept the challenge?

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Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning for Kids

Introduction to Artificial Intelligenc (AI) with special blocks from Scratch 3 using Machine Learning for Kids that will connect us to Watson, an artificial intelligence from IBM.








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Introduction to robotics with Micro: BIT in the classroom

Learning computer logic via projects using Micro: BIT, a programmable card widely used in the United Kingdom which also provides great potential to develop STEAM activities within the classroom.



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Plastic alchemists

In this workshop we will work on the recycling of plastic bags and their conversion into useful objects.


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