Open Days

Game Maker Jam 2021

This meeting, which will be held from June 3 to 5, aims to promote creativity and the development of video games, as well as to serve as a platform on which to meet people and establish relationships between the different participants.

03/06 | 18:00hs

Plastic alchemists

In this workshop we will work on the recycling of plastic bags and their conversion into useful objects.




05/06 | hs

Computer vision using neural networks

In the workshop we will see an introduction to computer vision, presenting the most used libraries in this area, as well as some architectures that are used to perform tasks such as classification or segmentation, among others.


06/06 | hs

Introduction to basic video game development

Development of a basic video game starting with game ideas and establishing aesthetics moving onto the development phase. We will cover various topics such as the concept of programming, the definition of an algorithm, the fundamental structures of programming and video games. We will be using Scratch to programme with. 

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Digital playroom by Chafarís

The traditional toy library will be transferred to the screens to play with the family in different way. It will try to adapt different board games to the online format simply using materials that everyone has at home, with a lot of imagination and creativity.




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DIY holograms

In this practical workshop we will make the prisms needed to create holograms using a screen. 



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Creative electronics with conductive modeling clay

This workshop consists of an Introduction to basic electronics, electrons, basic circuits and creativity by using conductive plasticine and creating of circuits.



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How not to mess it up being creative: intellectual property for dummies

An entertaining way of approaching intellectual property and all the legal issues that affect the day-to-day life of makers, with practical cases, summaries of rules and lots and lots of legal information.


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Space science and rocket creation

This workshop consists in an introduction to space science by experimenting with concepts such as atmospheric pressure or creating chemical reactions. Also covered will be curious facts about the universe and atmospheric pressure. Finally a rocket will be constructed.



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