Game Makers from around the world at the most international table

Following the line of the 2020 edition, from the organization of the Maker Faire Galicia we bet one more year to bring the world of video games closer to the Maker culture. If last year this sector had space in the educational and open days, this year it fully enters the professional days.

The video game industry does not stop growing with each passing year, to such an extent that it currently bills as much as that of cinema and sports combined. This growth has a lot to do with various factors such as the democratization of consumer technology or content generation.

In this table we will analyze these and other aspects of the sector with a selection of Game Makers from different parts of the world and from different times, who created such mythical games as Parallax, Torchlight II, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter Online, Angry Birds Action or Sensible Soccer . This will allow us to have a broader and more complete vision of this industry that gives the feeling that it has no ceiling.

We will talk about how their beginnings were creating video games, what inspired them to dedicate themselves to this or how they see the future of the sector, at a table that seems indispensable.

David FarrellKimberley RodatosJuney DijkstraJon Hare and Susana Sambade will be with us to share knowledge at the video game event, which will be held on Thursday, June 3 in the afternoon.

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