Call for volunteers Maker Faire Galicia 2023

The Maker Faire Galicia will celebrate its ninth consolidated edition this year as one of the largest Maker events in Europe. Looking back, there is something that was essential to get here and do it successfully, and that is undoubtedly the community of volunteers who each year has helped make an event of this dimension possible.

Being part of the community of volunteers of the Maker Faire Galicia is more than just helping in a specific event, it is sharing with other people a series of values related to the culture of sharing, open knowledge, inclusion or the circular economy, among others. , connect with the global maker community, meet people with whom you have common interests (geeks too of course:)) or even establish professional synergies.

Although it is true that every year we say that we have had the best group of volunteers in history, every year this group is bettered and in this year's edition we expect no less.

For all this, today we open a new call for volunteers for the Maker Faire Galicia 2023 and thus make the best Maker in history together. We want to have all of you, crib makers, geeks of all kinds, non-conformists, changemakers, social activators or simply people who want to add and have a good time surrounded by good people.

In return, we promise to design the best possible experience, adapting the tasks to your time availability and needs, scheduling the groups so that we can all support each other, enjoying food together (and for free!) and giving you 2 tickets, An official T-shirt and a cap from the Maker Faire Galicia so that visitors can identify you as part of the organization.

We can continue arguing how cool it is to be part of the maker's volunteer community, but the best thing is that you come and try it :)

Sign up now by filling out this form, the term ends on May 15!

Thanks a lot!