Pepe Martin, CEO of Minimalism brand and benchmark in conscious entrepreneurship, sustainability and transparency

About 4 years ago we met Pepe when the Minimalism brand began to market very innovative minimal handbags and he came to the Maker Faire Galicia as an exhibitor to share his product with the community.

Since then, Minimalism has become one of the Spanish startups with the greatest impact and has managed to connect with an entire generation that seeks values ​​first and then a product.

Minimalism brand is aesthetically characterized by playing with basic colors and not marking the products with its logo, but that becomes anecdotal when you know how they work. Their garments are consciously made in Portugal with 100% organic cotton, they offset the carbon footprint of their orders, they co-design products with their community and they are fully transparent at the business level, both in the price of the garments and in the costs. annual results.

This project, like Pepe, its CEO, is brutal honesty, common sense, optimism and community, something that totally connects with how we understand Maker Faire Galicia. In addition to Minimalism, Pepe is the founder of the agency Be the client, creator of content for YouTube, podcaster in the podcast "open Startups by Minimalism", writer on business and ecommerce and professor at several universities. Let's go a Maker with all the letters!

For all this and much more that he is going to tell us, in this edition of the Maker Faire Galicia Pepe Martin is going to be the one who will open the physical days of the industry, which will be held on June 2 at the Gaiás Museum.