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In a world where innovation has become the engine of progress, it is essential to remember that its true impact is measured by its capacity to include everyone. Inclusive innovation not only seeks to drive technological change, but also to break down barriers and open up opportunities for everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

If there is someone who knows Inclusive Innovation, it is Cristian Sainz de Marles, Director of Informatics and Innovation at ONCE, whom we will have the pleasure of having with us at the Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Day at Maker Faire Galicia 2024.

Cristian personifies the essence of inclusive innovation. Despite facing total blindness after a traffic accident at the age of 18, he proved that adversity can be transformed into opportunity. Her story is an inspiring testament to resilience, determination and the ability to overcome the most challenging obstacles.

Throughout his life, Cristian embraced innovation in all its forms. From his passion for cooking and computing to his dedication to Paralympic sport, he used creativity and perseverance to reach new heights and open new paths.

In addition to all the work done at ONCE, Cristian excelled as a member of the Spanish Paralympic Ski Team, competing in the Nagano 98 Paralympic Games and winning multiple gold medals in European championships. He has also triumphed in the kitchen, opening his own restaurant and participating in television programmes such as Master Chef Celebrity 3 and Top Chef. 

In his participation in this edition of Maker Faire Galicia 2024, Cristian will share his personal journey and explain how innovation can be a catalyst for social change and equality. His experience will remind us that true innovation is not only about technological advances, but also about creating a more inclusive and accessible world.


Cristian Sainz de Marles

Director of IT and Innovation at ONCE

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