29/06/2024   17:30 - 18:00

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The Radars Project is an initiative led by Barcelona City Council's Social Services, where, based on a community intervention methodology, work is carried out jointly with citizens and organisations and resources in each neighbourhood to reduce the feeling of unwanted loneliness of more than 2,000 elderly people in the city of Barcelona. The ultimate goal is to reconnect the elderly with their environment and increase neighbourhood relations, thereby increasing the capacity to detect and address situations of risk.


Clara Costas

Sociologist, urban planner and DEA in Human Geography (specialising in urban dynamics). She has dedicated a large part of her professional career to social research, working as a consultant for various institutions (University of Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona City Council and other private organisations). She is a specialist in the design and evaluation of public policies, mainly in the fields of elderly people and housing. Since 2018 she combines research with the coordination of the Radars Project.

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