Aventura Plástica

Aventura Plástica is an environmental awareness project specialising in plastic waste.


What does the project consist of?
We have two lines of work:

On the one hand the educational side, of activities and events, where we offer environmental awareness workshops, in which the problem of plastic waste is exposed, how this affects our planet and our health... as well as exposing the properties of plastics and their applications. In the practical part, attendees see the whole recycling process first hand. With the help of the injection moulding machine, we transform waste into new objects. Another way of doing business is the manufacture and marketing of useful objects made from plastic that we collect from our environment.


What is the aim of this project?
To raise awareness about the problem of plastic waste and to offer solutions in proximity.


How does it work?
The project is based on open source machinery from Precious Plastic. With our workshops and objects we give visibility to the serious problem of plastic waste. We use all available audiovisual technology to make a very attractive theoretical part. We make the spectators part of the experiment and end the activity with plastic injections and manufacturing of new objects live in front of the audience. 


What do you bring to the Maker Community?
We have a lot of experience with plastic waste and how to give it a second life.

Who has carried out the project?
Alba Villanueva Diz and Fabián Freiría Figueroa


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