Project Description:

"How Insects See" is a project by the Biomakers group that seeks to explore and simulate the vision of insects. The students studied various types of insects and created robotic prototypes of them. In addition, they developed a mask that simulates insect vision, allowing people to experience how these animals see due to their unique type of eyes.


Problem to be solved:

The project addresses curiosity and interest in the natural world, specifically how insects perceive their environment. Through the simulation of insect vision, students seek to foster interest in biology and technology, offering an educational and playful experience that allows participants to better understand the differences between human and insect vision.


Project Components:
Insect Study:

Students investigated different types of insects, learning about their physical characteristics, behaviour and especially their vision.

They studied how the insects' compound eyes allow them to see the world very differently from humans.

Robotic prototypes:

They created robotic prototypes that mimic the characteristics and movements of the insects studied.

These prototypes help to visualise and better understand the anatomy and capabilities of insects.

Insect Vision Mask:

They developed a mask that simulates insect vision, replicating the effect of compound eyes.

The mask allows people to experience how insects see, sparking curiosity and interest in biology.


Educational Value and Skills Development:

Scientific Understanding:

Students expand their knowledge of insects and their biology, especially their visual system.

They learn to apply scientific concepts in the creation of prototypes and simulations.

Creativity and Innovation:

By designing and building the mask and robotic prototypes, students exercise their creativity and innovation.

They develop new ways of representing and experiencing the natural world.

Technical and Engineering Skills:

Students develop technical skills in robotics and prototyping.

They learn to use various tools and technologies to build their models and simulations.

Outreach and Education:

The project has a strong science outreach component, allowing others to experiment and learn about insect vision in an interactive way.

It fosters curiosity and interest in biology and technology in a wider audience.


Mateo García Maceira
Anxo Rey Rodríguez
Xian Martínez Aldariz
Óscar Rosende González
Nahia Torreiro Gómez
Aluhe Abalo García

"How Insects See" is a project that combines biology, technology and creativity, providing a fun and educational experience that allows people to see the world through the eyes of insects. This innovative approach not only enriches students' scientific knowledge, but also fosters curiosity and interest in the natural world among the general public.

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