Open Days

Robot Band

Tetsuji Katsuda from Japan presents the Robot Band formed by five humanoid robots. Two on drums, two on metallophones and Miss Tomato on the microphone with her incredible voice. You can't miss the concert on saturday 5th at 1pm!




Robodríguez -Synthpop 100% DIY

Robodriguez is the totally DIY synthpop musical proposal by Felipe Rodríguez, multi-instrumentalist musician and passionate geek of sound and musical computing. With a retro aesthetic and provocative intention, it leaves no one indifferent. His lyrics combine satire, dystopia and social denunciation, and the live shows are performances with unexpected surprises.





Combination is an exciting way of creating things. probatio is a toolkit for combining parts for creating new digital musical instruments. It attempts to reduce the gap between abstract ideas and functional prototypes by making it quick and easy to experiment with postures and gestures that generate sound in real-time. probatio presents alternatives to go beyond the tabletop and attempts to spark unusual ways for musical expression.



Ponsola 2.0

This project carried out by the VermisLAB MakersPRO students consists of a video game console, similar to the Arcade consoles of the 90s. The difference is that, in this case, it does not need coins to work, but rather by using discharged batteries. That's right! For each pile you recycle you will gain a life in the game.




Flight instrument system

The main objective of this project carried out at CIFP As Mercedes was the creation of a flight instrument panel equipped with basic instruments and their systems for measuring essential flight variables in air navigation. This project is of an educational in nature and serves as a demonstration of the operation of a real airplane´s flight instruments. The materials and tools used in this project are common in the aeronautical industry.


How can we stimulate digital creativity in distance education, with isolated and homebound students? That has been the challenge this year of ICT in 3D of the Group of Schools Venda do Pinheiro of Portugal.

VIP Zone Makers

In all events there is always a moment as an exhibitor in which we are tired, we need to disconnect or we simply get bored. In addition to this, it often happens that you meet the most interesting people in more informal situations such as a networking lunch or a coffee.


Yayagram was created to help the older generation to communicate with each other their grandchildren. It is a device that provides them with a voice and an opportunity for people who do not know how to use messaging apps on mobile devices to communicate.

Watch-up room 2.0

This project, developed by the VermisLAB MakersPro group, consists of the design and construction of a model of a room that has various tasks such as making the bed, opening and closing the blinds, regulating the temperature and setting an alarm.





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PictoTempo is a project that aims to help children with some type of autism spectrum disorder ASD) and, in general, users with functional and cognitive diversity, in the organization and performance of their daily routines and tasks. This appt contributes to improving their autonomy and makes it easier for their educators to carry out programming adapted to their needs and continuous monitoring of these routines and tasks.

Robotic hand

El proyecto del brazo robótico, llevado a cabo por Sergio Dacal, está controlado por inteligencia artificial y sensores musculares. Surgió de la idea de poder ayudar a personas con ciertas discapacidades físicas de una manera maker y que no fuera especialmente cara como las actuales opciones en el mercado. 

Animatronic cyclops

Behind ArtyTechnology are two young makers who come from very different worlds, who view automation one from an artistic perspective and a  technological one. They bring together the best of both worlds, creating entertainment utensils, fantastic creatures, estatuas, props and other wearable gadgets like masks and cosplays.

Electronic badges

At KawaiiTech they design small irregularly shaped printed circuit boards with reprogrammable LEDs so that the user can easily customize light patterns using an Arduino compatible ISP programmer.

Aristóteles, the philosopher robot

From the FabLab in Ciudad Juárez de México, engineer Marco Barraza introduces us to Aristotle, the first humanoid philosopher created with the idea of ​​speaking and debating at the level of human thought.

Amigx, welcome to social future

Amigx is a social entrepreneurship project to eradicate the feminization of poverty, end unwanted loneliness and promote sisterhood. Awarded in the EduCaixa Emprende Challenge 2021 category. Amigx is a free app with the aim of connecting women locally to promote the exchange of services in exchange for a virtual currency and solidarity that can be exchanged in local businesses.

Hovercraft circuit

This is a project carried out by the VermisLAB Makers4 group in which the students first designed and built their own hovercraft and then made several different modules as obstacles to place on a circuit and be able to race.





Maker culture in attention to diversity

FabLab Xtrene de Extremadura presents three lines of work aimed on focusing on the maker culture in terms of getting attention to diversity: a maker space in the Antonio Tomillo de Zafra Public School of Special Education in Extremadura, a digital garden of a social nature and EDUMaker Ghana, a project to introduce maker culture in a school in that country.

Maker Store

Maker Store By Allnet is a store specialized in the commercialization of products based on the Maker movement and the STEAM philosophy, such as 3D printers, 3D filament, electronic components, development boards, educational robots, tools, power supplies, instruments. measurement and control, home automation, IoT & LoRaWAN.

Ecotechnological toys

Alquimétricos is a collection of educational and ecotechnological toys focused on the STEAM disciplines (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). It is based on the construction, through a simple set of interconnected pieces, of geodesic structures or any other plane or 3D geometry. The imagination is the limit!




GlockensPlink! It is a musical game of marbles. It is about creating a melodic circuit with sheets of glockenspiel (chimes) on an inclined plank to make it sound with marbles. The prototype presented was built with cardboard, a perforated plank, plates of an old instrument, wooden dowels, glue and velcro.

Smart pantry

Project carried out by the VermisLAB Makers 4 group that is based on a smart pantry that records the amount of food there is and, in turn, is connected to an app to keep you informed and help you make the purchase.

GLP adaptation aeronautical engine

This project was carried out bythe Higher Cycle of Aeromechanical Maintenance students of the CIFP As Mercedes  and  consists of the construction of a test bench with a CONTINENTAL TSIO-360-EB engine in order to analyze the use of alternative fuel LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) in the aeronautical sector.

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