Open Days


It is a planetarium made with waste materials where the planets rotate both through push buttons and through the mobile phone.



The creation of a community of students and teachers, as well as content for it, such as a board game to practice algebra.

Maker Store

Maker Store By Allnet is a store specialized in the commercialization of products based on the Maker movement and the STEAM philosophy, such as 3D printers, 3D filament, electronic components, development boards, educational robots, tools, power supplies, instruments. measurement and control, home automation, IoT & LoRaWAN.



Simplify is a social and disruptive video game that seeks generational integration through an eSport.

Robot Band

Tetsuji Katsuda from Japan presents the Robot Band formed by five humanoid robots. Two on drums, two on metallophones and Miss Tomato on the microphone with her incredible voice. 

Don't miss the show on Saturday and Sunday 5th at 1pm!




This project presents an entertaining RPG-style game to teach the youngest how to identify reliable information on the Internet.


Multi-function glove that allows the translation of sign language for the help of the deaf and silent communication in the defense sector.


Development of a personal container to store cigarette butts, preventing them from ending up on the ground and their chemicals in the water.

Walking stick 2.0

It is a white cane that improves the quality of life of blind people, through radiofrequency.

Agrodomo inteligente

The project is based on the construction of an intelligent dome that allows vegetables to be grown autonomously and independently.

EduMaker Ghana

Maker spaces in Ghana, STEAM equipment for rural computer science schools, smart hives pilot project and precious plastic plant.


EKO v3.0 is a humanoid robot with a height of 1.50 m, a weight of 40.5 kg and 15 degrees of freedom.

Healthy Kingdom

This project presents a video game to promote sport in young people. The video game detects your movements and influences it.


Device that improves the inclusion of children with hearing disabilities, based on the detection of sounds of interest through a vibration and a visual signal.


DIY programmable graphing calculator.

Fusibox 3D

Space for makers to introduce their 3D printers inside and equip them with certain technology.


Manned Aircraft

The project aims to manufacture a manned aircraft structure, planned for electric propulsion.

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