Colegio Salesiano Santo Ángel (Asturias)

Interactive table on healthy nutrition

What is the project about?

Our project consists of a healthy horizon in which we teach children to eat well. To do this we have created a virtual reality application on healthy nutrition, an interactive table, in which we find ourselves as islands, each of these islands are food groups of the Harvard plate, with interactive buttons that when pressed illuminate that food group and there is an audio that supports and explains that food group. In addition, there is a hologram on the table where you can also see and hear about this nutrition theme. We based ourselves mainly on the Harvard plate, we have represented it in islands, adding the sweet, because you don't always have to eat healthy, you can also have a whim.


What is the aim of this project?
Our aim is that we all learn to lead a healthy life.


How does it work?
Our project is made up of 3 parts. The first is the interactive board, in which you can touch all the foods and they light up with LED lights and an audio is played explaining about that food group. The second part is the hologram, in which 2 members of our team explain what each island we have made on the board is about and its importance. Finally, we have created a virtual space where you can visit a museum and it will be more fun to learn, then you will have some questions and games to find out if you have learned something.


What does it bring to the Maker Community?
Our project brings knowledge and fun to the little ones at home.


Who carried out the project?
Students of 2nd ESO

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