Project Description:

"MineQuest is an innovative board game that combines tests in the physical world with challenges within the popular video game Minecraft. Designed to test skills and knowledge about Minecraft and the maker world, this game consists of a board with 25 squares, each corresponding to a test. The squares have RFID sensors to interact with the player.


Problem to be solved

The MineQuest project addresses the problem of boring and static learning. By integrating elements of gaming and technology, students have created a dynamic and immersive educational experience that motivates learning through fun and interactivity.

Game Components:

Board with 25 Squares:

Each square corresponds to a test and is equipped with an RFID sensor.

Player (Minecraft Style Hen):

 3D printed model of a Minecraft-style chicken.
 Integration of 4 push buttons to choose answers.
 RFID reader to identify the box you are in.
 Speaker to read questions or tests.
 Arduino and SD reader to manage the game logic.
 OLED screen to display messages.
 Different cables and circuits for connectivity.


Game Modes:

Trials of Skill in Minecraft:

Players must complete challenges in Minecraft, such as building specific structures or overcoming obstacles in the game.
These tests are designed to assess the player's creativity, dexterity and knowledge of Minecraft.

Maker World Trials:

Challenges related to the maker world include tasks such as solving basic circuit problems, identifying electronic components, or completing small engineering projects.
These quizzes encourage critical thinking and the practical application of technical knowledge.


Educational Value and Skills Development:

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:

Students develop skills in programming and electronics by using Arduino to control game functions.
The maker world and Minecraft quizzes require players to think critically and solve problems effectively.

Active and Interactive Learning:

By integrating physical and virtual challenges, MineQuest provides a dynamic learning experience that keeps players engaged and motivated.

The use of interactive technologies such as RFID, speakers and OLED displays adds a layer of interactivity that enriches the learning process.

Teamwork and Collaboration:

The project encourages cooperation and communication, as players can collaborate to overcome challenges and learn together.
Students must coordinate to design and assemble game components, promoting collaboration and project management.

Creativity and Innovation:

By combining board game elements with a popular video game, students exercise their creativity and innovativeness.
The creation of a 3D model and the programming of the Arduino to manage the game show an innovative application of theoretical knowledge in a practical context.

Application of Modern Technologies:

Students learn and apply 3D design, programming and electronics skills, crucial tools in the modern world.
The use of RFID sensors, Arduino and other electronic components introduces students to the world of IoT (Internet of Things) and robotics.

Technologies used:

Arduino: Microcontroller used for programming and controlling the game functions.
3D printing: Used to create the Minecraft-style model of the hen.
RFID sensors: Integrated in the squares of the board to detect the player's position.
Speaker: To read questions and quizzes to the player.
OLED screen: To display messages and feedback to the player.
SD Reader: To store and manage questions and quizzes.
Prototyping Materials and Tools: Including saws, cutters, cardboard, and other materials and tools needed for the construction and assembly of the prototype.


Celso Brandán
Albela Caamaño
Siro Valiño González
Yoel Ares Gómez

"MineQuest not only offers a fun and interactive gaming experience, but it is also a powerful educational tool that promotes active learning, critical thinking and collaboration among students, preparing them to face and solve complex problems in a creative and effective way.

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