Ciencia Calidade

29/06/2024   16:00 - 16:15

Only presential

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of science with the winning science monologues of Ciencia Calidade, where humour and knowledge intertwine to offer you a fun and educational experience!


Come and meet the monologuists:

- Antonio Cagide Varela. Graduate in Biology. 3rd prize in the 1st edition of Science Quality and 1st prize in the 2nd edition with the monologue "El dogma central de la besa" about molecular biology.

- Alejandro Gómez Pazo. PhD in Geography. 2nd prize in the 2nd edition of Science Quality with the monologue "Morir de calor" about global warming.

  • Duration: 15 MIN

Without prior registration until full capacity is reached.




All the activities are free of charge and are part of the programme of the Espazo Maker Compostela, an activity organised by the City Council of Santiago within the framework of the Urban Agenda 2030 of Santiago.

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