It is a totally open event in which the attendees are the protagonists themselves. We will start from a central theme that will be educational innovation and from there each of you will be able to propose a theme that interests you to discuss during the event. You can send your themes through this form from today until May 26.

All proposed topics will be voted on through a survey that will be sent by mail on May 27th. The idea is that all of you who want to attend this event will vote on the topics that are of greatest interest to you. The most voted will be the debates chosen for the day of the event. Deadline to vote on May 30.

On the day of the event you will know the chosen themes. The person who proposed it in the first moment must be present in each talk, to explain to the participants why he proposed that topic and where he wants to direct the debate. After a short introduction / presentation, the participants will be asked to begin by giving their opinions on the topic in question. Each talk will have a maximum duration of 30 minutes in total.

In the event, a total of 4 topics will be debated, that is, there will be 4 talks divided into two blocks of time, so there will be simultaneous talks so we will leave time for you to decide which talks you want to participate in and give you time to access them without problems.

At the end of the talks, we will have time to return to the main room, get to know each other more and network with all those attending the event.