Esther and Diego, two finalist Makers of the Nobel Junior for Water

The environment and sustainability has become one of the biggest concerns of our society. In this context, technology and science have come together to develop solutions that improve the quality of life and protect the planet.

It is precisely in this area where Esther Suárez and Diego Castro, two students from the IES Ponteceso and the Isidro Parga Pondal Scientific-Technological Classrooms, from the Eduardo Pondal Foundation in A Coruña, have presented a highly innovative project that has been recognized nationally. and international.

"Never choveu que non escamapara", that's the name of his project, seeks to prevent the effects of flooding through a flood detection system. With him, these two young Galicians won the national competition for the Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) and represented Spain in the international round of the competition held in Stockholm in August 2022.

The project consists of a flow and water level control station, at specific points in the water basin of the area to be monitored, which monitors the river level, so that, based on the variations registered, a grown in its lower part.

This project is made with Arduino, incorporating an ultrasound sensor used to measure the distance to water, and a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor. With them, they determine when the most favorable conditions for flooding will occur. The monitoring is completely wireless and has two stations, a transmitter in charge of collecting the data and a receiver that displays and processes said information, indicating the high or low risk of flooding. The stations are self-contained and contained in waterproof 3D-printed structures.

Esther and Diego will share their project with all attendees during the educational day of the Maker Faire Galicia 2023, which will be held on June 2 at the Gaiás Museum.