José Gago, 3 times winner of the Maker Faire Galicia and CEO of BactiDec

From the organization of the Maker Faire Galicia, we cannot be more proud to announce, as one of the hits of this edition, José Gago (Pontevedra, 1996), winner of the 2020 Industry Conference competition and twice winner of the Open Days with the Scienceffect Association.

This Maker and medical student at USC, has been participating in national and international competitions related to science and technology since high school. In 2019, he presented his Bactidec project to the well-known Explorer entrepreneurship program, resulting in a national winner and traveling to Silicon Valley to learn about the most powerful startups of the moment.

BactiDec is a low-cost spectrophotometric device that allows the surgeon to know in real time the number of bacteria present in the surgical wound during the operation, allowing anticipation and prevention of possible postoperative infections.

In his talk, José will tell us how the idea came about, the importance of the maker world in its development, where the project is now or everything he learned during this adventure.

If you want to know how far the union between science and the maker world can go, don't miss José Gago's talk on June 3.